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Overhere, you can find my latest work and read the carefully selected words i picked to humblebrag about myself,
with the intention of you thinking “Hey this guy is pretty nice and professional, we should work together.”

I’m an Amsterdam based creative / art director / designer. That basically means i love to make things (up).
I did so over the past 6 years for advertising agencies, Like Havas Lemz and Natwerk.

I’ve made pretty cool campaigns and activations for brands like IKEA, Histor, Desperados, Youfone, and many more.
(You probably saw that on my portfolio page already.)

I love to help brands standing out by making simple ideas beautiful.
Through campaigns, activation and PR-worthy ideas and design.

I’m now available for freelance concept & design.
Give me a call at +31 6 11 956893
Or send me an email at hallo@joostleek.com
Check out my Linkedin

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